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Today, personal data is a source of wealth in itself. Your preferences, favorite places, loved ones or any other details about you are valuable information. Previously, this data would be instantly used to commit identity theft. But today, attackers are no less profitable to sell them. Suspicious organizations and services use such information to  meet to cheat . In addition, new ways of financial fraud are emerging.

There are emergency messages, alerts on behalf of your friends that contain allegedly urgent and important information about your account.

Using social engineering techniques, attackers put you in a state of panic and anxiety so that you recklessly enter some information and provide permission while under pressure. Never trust links in personal messages, posts, or emails.

Unfortunately, millions of Internet users are not technically savvy enough. Being trusting, they may not recognize these techniques. The good news is that many of these common tricks can be recognized and easily prevented. Remember them and share them with your loved ones.

In view of all the above, you can make sure that you need to devote more time to choosing a dating service. The site must be verified and fully secure. The administration of the online platform should be loyal to its users and always come to the rescue. And such a dating site can be

Users of the site note high performance and reliability. All information is protected and has many users from different countries. Here you can get acquainted with anyone and not be afraid that a fraudster can communicate with you, who only wants to benefit from communication. Here you can find a like-minded person and a person who will always support and can give advice. But it is still better to save your personal data until you and your interlocutor have strong friendly relations.